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headshot5-lowresSara is a Senior Wildlife Officer and spends most of her time at sea working with whales and dolphins. During her degree she was the President of the Newcastle University Zoological Society and wrote both travel and wildlife articles for the university newspaper. As a keen traveller she has backpacked in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Upon graduating she moved to Canada to work as a Wildlife Rehabilitator, where she provided medical care to injured animals such as bears and coyotes, and spent most of her days trying to avoid being bitten – usually unsuccessfully…(a book about her experiences is underway!).


Now both a writer and aspiring presenter, she shares her tales of the wildlife she’s encountering around her home in the Inner Hebrides with others. She has been chosen as a Local Patch Reporter by the BBC Wildlife Magazine to write this weekly blog for a whole year, so click here to read about this week’s adventures!

Sara’s Website: www.sarafrost.webs.com

Follow Sara on Twitter: Yukonfrost



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