End of Summer

Well the summer has certainly come to an end up here on the west coast! The whales have gone, the sun has gone and the basking sharks never showed up anyway *rolls eyes*.

The islands that shone bright emerald in the summer have dimmed to a rusty orange for the autumn (which, by the way, makes spotting red deer almost impossible as they like to blend in with the dead bracken).

Nevertheless, even with the days getting cooler and wetter it’s not putting a dampener on the local wildlife. The eagles (both white tailed and golden) have been very active on clear days. Look at this – 4 eagles in one go! What do we reckon – all golden? Or has a juvenile white tailed snuck in there on the far right?


This stag was enjoying some of the afternoon sunshine (and perhaps enjoying a break from the rut? The stags have been best buds all year apart from now in October when they all try and kill each other).


And the otter have been fairly active – it’s getting really difficult to tell the mum and cubs apart now!8B1C1181 - Version 28B1C1825 - Version 2

I spent a couple of hours out on a rib watching an otter feeding and throwing me the occasional glance to see what I was doing. Hopefully I’ll see more of them as I spend less time at sea and more time on shore in the next few months.

In other news I’ve been at the Wildscreen Film Festival (biggest wildlife film festival in the world!) and have been meeting the top cameramen, presenters and producers in the business such as Doug Allen (Frozen Planet), Miranda Krestovnikoff (The One Show) and Steve Leonard (Operation Wild). However…NOTHING could top spending two hours with my all time hero, Sir David!



Best day ever. Until next time!



5 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. Eagles – the birds on the left and right both look like young White-tails, centre one is a Goldie – bottom one is the hardest to ID

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