Still a lotter stuff to learn

No one has seen me…I’m a GENIUS. And mum thought I’d be rubbish at fending for myself…

Just keep hiding under this seaweed until the moment comes. Getting past the seals might be tricky of course – but I’ll take them by surprise *sniff sniff* hey what’s that? Oh YUM a dead crab! No stay focussed. Fresh eggs are much better…

These are the thoughts that I imagined were going through a young otter’s head as he calculated an ambush on a goose nest yesterday morning. One of three kits born last summer, this was the first time I’d seen him out on his own without mum.

He hadn’t been terribly subtle in positioning himself amongst a pile of floating seaweed (after scrambling across rocks and disturbing a pair of oystercatchers) but he was still learning.

It seemed he had, however, been successful in hiding from the seals who were basking in the sun, eyes closed. In the moment he chose to pounce from the water they gave startled grunts as his dripping wet furry body ran across rocks and into long grass at impressive speed.


What was that?!

Almost at the nest!

Almost at the nest!


The backside of the young otter as he busily sniffed his way to the goose nest


The Canada goose swiftly came to the rescue of her young – leaving the otter empty handed.

For a moment I thought he’d done it – raiding a goose nest would be a good meal – however, Mrs. Canada Goose wasn’t far away, giving a horrified squawk and chasing him off with some angry pecks and wing flapping. Better luck next time little one – perhaps it’s dead crab until then?


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