Great Northern Divers

The best sighting I’ve had this week is a great northern diver – the first I’ve ever seen! The few (around 2,600) that do come to winter around the coastlines of the British Isles will stay until April before leaving for their mainly Icelandic breeding grounds for the summer. This diver seemed quite content bobbing about on the waves (and, of course, diving under them) although it took several attempts at manoeuvring the boat to photograph it both looking in my direction and without the sun behind it blocking out the black and white patterns of its winter plumage.


The islands looked as beautiful as ever as I went out on the boat. Plenty of sightings of harbour porpoise and seals hauled out enjoying the sun.













The isle of Mull (left), Easdale (centre) and the Isle of Seil (right)


The Slate Isles (foreground) and the Isle of Mull (background)

I’ll be back next week with updates on the White Tailed Sea Eagles!




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