Shake Your Tail Feathers

I love the smells of spring. Luring scents of coconut are floating in the warm breeze across the island this week – after the gorse bushes have opened their sunshine yellow flowers. The nights are noticeably longer and the animals are out in their numbers making the most of the good weather!


Yesterday I watched, beaming, as Mr. White Tailed Sea Eagle flew purposefully over my head, dropping a branch from his talons into his nest as he settled on the tree tops. A beak poked out of the nest, and carefully moved the branch into a more useful position. Mrs. Sea Eagle was sitting on her eggs. Her mate glared down from the branches of the tree and along the shoreline for several minutes before he took to the skies again in search of more branches – it seems they’re having a bit of a spring clean and nest refurbishment.

The Golden Eagles have a chick already – a white head was seen sticking out of the nest this morning! Fingers and toes are tightly crossed for a healthy chick to fledge in a couple of months.

It’s not just the eagles who are setting up families – my camera trap has caught some rather amusing behaviour of Mr. Pheasant trying to get himself a girlfriend last week. Perhaps he needs to work on his way with the ladies?? Enjoy!

Will keep you posted on the eagles.




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