My Wild Life on BBC Radio!

This week I was a guest on BBC Radio Scotland’s Shereen Show talking about my adventures with wildlife.

Teaching otters to swim and raising raccoons? Watching whales? Living at sea? It’s all here…Enjoy!




5 thoughts on “My Wild Life on BBC Radio!

  1. This is fantastic! I am sitting here in our office, the vet on call for the night, laughing and nodding my head as I listen to this and completely relating! The long hours, the unusual experiences, the lack of stylish business clothes… 😉 I always tell people that on any given day, I have James Herriot to thank or curse for my choice of lifestyle. I read All Creatures Great and Small as a child and had visions of miraculously saving the prize cow and then having a cup of tea with the farmer’s wife on some beautiful old farming estate. 20 years later, I was sliding around a muck filled stall at 1 am trying to give IV fluids to a cow who really didn’t like me, only to later find (when completely dirt and exhausted) that I had locked the keys in the truck. So much for my agrarian utopia! I would, however, provide the only entertainment that the fire department had that evening to come and rescue the “chick vet”. Ah well. Maybe neither of our animal related jobs is always glamorous, but they are rewarding!
    Congrats…it’s a lovely interview!

  2. Oh…many similar to Tricky Woo…and weekly cases of “flop-butt”! Dr Herriot was definitely writing from experience! You should compile all your stories of otter swim lessons and the like!

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