Battered by Waves and Filming in Caves

My friend and I leapt into the icy waters of the shore on the Isle of Jura and hauled the boat up onto the beach and out of the waves. It had been a fairly rough hour to get here – it was a big spring tide and the waves coming in off the Atlantic were relentless. But it would be worth it. I was doing some filming for a wildlife video – and the wave-battered shoreline, rugged cliff faces and rocky beaches of Jura are a fantastic backdrop.

beach beach1

A pair of golden eagles circled over us for 20 minutes, trying to shake off (what looked like) a hen harrier that was harassing them. No sign of the white tailed sea eagles – but I’m sure they’ll be along soon enough. After an hour of filming in a cave (all will be revealed soon) we headed back into the waves. The waters were too rough to have a hope of seeing porpoise (whose fins are easily hidden by the smallest of waves) but a young seal swam alongside the boat and wrinkled its nose at us as we sailed between islands.


Scarba’s wave battered shoreline


Almost at Jura! Just have to cross the Gulf of Corryvrekken…

After ten hours (yes ten) I managed to get home to the Isle of Seil, hang my soaking clothes by the fire and check out what wildlife had been showing up in the garden. If you watched last week’s video then you’ll know that Mr. Pheasant and his ladies were rather put out by a roe deer that has started joining them for breakfast (and subsequently eating all of their food).

garden pheasant

I’m pleased to say they seem to have reached a mutual agreement that there is enough food for everybody – although Mr. Pheasant enforces a strict 20 cm radius around himself (enforced by severe pecking). The roe deer is incredibly shy and skittish, but I managed to creep up on him this morning while he attacked a bush in the garden for breakfast.

IMG_2925copy deer

Haggis the mouse is still doing well, and I have a feeling there may be a Mrs. Haggis in the loft with him. Oh dear.

Until next week,



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