The trees look back

As I bounced over the icy waves of Balvicar Bay on Wednesday, I scanned the sky for eagles, but saw none. Oh maybe there? No – that was too small. It was hard to get a better glimpse when being thrown up and down in the waves. Oops! Keep an eye on the rocks… I steered the ribbed inflatable round into deeper waters. It’s different from driving a car where you can easily cruise in a straight line. In water you have to steer against waves, tides and wind pushing you in all directions. And of course, you have to avoid getting distracted by any wildlife. Oh look – a kestrel! Oops I should have been on the other side of that buoy…


The dark, cold waters didn’t look particularly welcoming so after three hours I got home and dried myself (and poor camera) out by the fire. On Thursday I tried my luck for wildlife in the nearby forest – it’s a great place to escape. Jumping over streams and into the cool, fresh smells of pine and sounds of distant water falls make it a truly tranquil getaway.



View of the Isle of Mull from the nearby forest: Sara Frost

I smiled as I heard a familiar cry and, following the sound, saw one of the island buzzards perched in a tree on the lookout for food. However, it was unfortunately not as impressed by my presence and immediately flew off over a ridge and out of sight.


Buzzard: Sara Frost

As we’ve had a surprisingly mild (albeit very wet) winter I’m hoping this is going to be a great year for wildlife – judging by the daffodils that have already started shooting up in my garden, spring is just around the corner. This will be a welcome change from the late one we had last year, which was terrible for species such as puffins. I’ve been putting bird seed and fruit out in my garden to give a helping hand to whatever creatures are scampering about foraging for food. Last week I set up wildlife cameras in my garden to see what wildlife (if any) was showing up when I wasn’t around. I’m pleased to say it looks like the food is very much appreciated!

A scuttling in my loft also caught my attention last week – so this week I’ve had cameras running up there too. I had my suspicions of what visitor I was likely to have – which proved to be correct. Watch the video link to see who has been showing up:


Until next week,



One thought on “The trees look back

  1. Hi Sara really love the video of Mr Pheasant and co and little Haggis! How did you merge it from one video to another? Could you please share it with me? Enjoying your blog
    Jackson ( local patch reporter in Hampshire)

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